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There is an emphasis on the principles of art balanced with a vast experience as a professional marketer. In my spare time, I ferociously study and create art. To me, it's all visual communication, be it my emotions on canvas or your value prop on a banner ad. Art is so compelling that people will fly around the world and wait on line just to look at a simple painting of a woman who is possibly smiling. Now, that’s power worth looking into! How can it have such a profound effect on people and can we capture that dynamic in our marketing materials?



On the web, it takes users less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression of your business. Schonberg Design creates the trust needed to keep potential customers engaged by using the principles of art to create visually stunning brands. Proven to deliver a return on investment, we guarantee your target market will know exactly who you are and why they should be choosing you.



Logos are your customer's first impressions. Psychologically, the impact a successful logo can have on clients is mirrored by internal morale as an icon for teamwork and pride. Your logo is the keystone of your brand identity and you will want something that, for example, if was printed on a shirt, clients and employees would actually wear it giving you some extra advertising. Similarly, if it's on your brochure, sitting on a prospective client's desk, they will be that much more inclined to pick it up and read it, much like the cover of a book. This stuff works.


No need for expensive video shoots or long meetings. Schonberg Design can make an inexpensive but visually stunning motion video simply using the information on your website.



If your designer looks at you like this when you make another change, call all Schonberg Design for unlimited revisions for the life of a lemur (terms apply). That's right, if you want to make a few changes to a brochure we designed, three years ago, send it over, no charge! Anyone that has a business should continually refine their messaging and that is why Schonberg Design welcomes revisions. It means you understand the importance of your messaging and what is at stake in this moment of truth.

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