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Graphics, Animations, Fonts, Colors, Backgrounds, Assets, Archetypes and Creative Hooks

Schonberg Design did not create their new website, but provided the new brand identity for it.

old kx website.jpg
new kx website.jpg


Graphics allow us to boil down the experience using images to communicate and generate interest. Schonberg Design stays true to the principles of art in marketing and that is where the true power comes from. We can write the greatest copy in the world, but if it doesn't look interesting, it simply wont get read. This is the tip of the spear in a sense, as it is not preparation for communication, but the actual act of communicating. Ignore this and all of your hard work and investments can be at risk.



No need for expensive video shoots or long meetings. Schonberg Design can make an inexpensive but visually stunning motion video simply using the information on your website.



Brand guidelines and standards such as this can be used by vendors and employees to ensure all customer facing materials are properly branded. Large companies often provide them to their in-house production designers or website developers to implement internally. I was a production designer for a long time, therefore I know many tricks to making their job easier. Often times, agencies will not be enthusiastic about helping the in-house department, as that can mean them losing billable hours, but that's why I am and/or training for your in-house art department is available even encouraged.


Look professional immediately across email to print to social media. Consistency of a brand tells the customer that this is a company that is in it for the long haul and that is how trust is built. Additionally, when a viewer sees the same fonts and colors in various places, they subconsciously know "the who", allowing them to get to "the why", which is the ultimate point of all this, that much faster. This most commonly includes: Social Media Profile Circles and Banners, Business Cards, Letterhead, Email Signatures and Favicons, but can be adjusted for your companies specific needs.



I believe I read this book closer than anyone in the world. There I was, reading it carefully to use for a big new client when I noticed it was missing a handful of pages. Upon contacting the publisher about this, they informed me that, after some years in print, I was the first person to notice this and immediately sent me the missing pages in PDF. You can see I take this stuff very seriously. This book doesn't sit on a coffee table in my shiny lobby which I don't have, rather it's got notes scribbled on it, highlighted sections, dog ears what have you. In fact, I feel qualified to write a how to use this book, workbook if I were so inclined.

What you get is a carefully chosen archetype a list of personality traits, businesses that have used this archetype from the book. Next, we add more personality traits not from the book, but from our conversations. "But how does this get used?" you ask. Great question. Every time a new piece is being created (design or written for), I keep this list open on the right side of the screen allowing for easy cross reference of big picture and the immediate project's needs.


This may be my favorite part of what I do and it's what made me want to be in this business. To have fun thinking differently all the while actually doing something intelligent meant to put food on the table for business owners and their employees. That's what gets me up in the morning. Doing great work, that works, is what an obsession at Schonberg Design. Believe it or not, there is a actually more of a scientific approach to creativity, than one would guess including exercises from books like my favorite, "Made to Stick" by Chip and Dan Heath. You get all of this passion and none of the paralysis by analysis typically forcing the average boardroom to play it safe.

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